The supply chain issues, price fluctuations and ambitious sustainability goals has made many companies looking at alternative raw materials that will require adjustments or new compound formulations. This has given rise to our unique digital product development platform where you can

  • Procure specialty raw materials
  • Procure rubber compounds as per the specifications
  • Develop Rubber Compounds using our special formulation development tool which not only gives the instant basic calculated results but also gives practical results from our partnered NABL Labs.
  • We Design, Develop and Supply


    We can design, mix and test multiple experimental formulations in a short time frame to ensure that any alternative material you choose can match the performance attributes and quality of its predecessors


    The Supply and demand of the chemical industry have been largely unexplored due to lack of application knowledge. Thus with a network of NABL Labs, Technical Consultants , Compounders and indirect stakeholders we can develop the product as per the application requirements and that too within a short period of time. We are targeting the UNEXPLORED AREA OF INDIAN MANUFACTURING SECTOR to design, develop and supply the right ingredient at right place and at the right time.



  • Lack of Transparency in Prices & Quality.

  • Too many phone calls with different suppliers.

  • No sample packs for lab trials.

  • Small non technical manufacturers wastes time and money in research.

  • Varying Raw Material price affects final product costing.

  • Payment Terms – Credits only on relationships

  • Polymerchains


  • Quick Final best prices on WhatsApp & Email with test data.

  • All Raw material available at single digital platform.

  • Option for sample packs and lab trials.

  • Can easily develop the compounds as per the specification.

  • Material Costs are updated regularly & thus helps in product costing.

  • Flexible payment terms : Cash & Credit both

  • Our Business is a cloud-based service platform dedicated to help Rubber & its allied Industries to develop the product with an optimal utilization of available resources & at an affordable cost.

    Our Team

    Our Team comprises of young hardworking professionals having engineering, legal & economics degree. We believe designations & do not differentiate any of us and everyone on the team plays a vital role in achieving our shared dreams & ambitions.

    Our Aim

    Our aim is to help the industries on basis of technological services throughout the business lifecycle offering support at every stage to ensure that the business remains continually growing.

    Just fill an enquiry form & get the track of every processes till you get the desired product.

    We not only seal the gap between the concept to reality but also tracks the product till the end of its life cycle & may furher extend to recycle too.

    Develop new high performance materials faster than ever

    We are linking up experts in the product development chain for optimal utilization of the available resources & to reduce the product development time & cost.


    Find the perfect formulation for your specific requirements

    Our formulation design tool recommends the best available options from the core experts & get the test reports from various NABL acrediated laboratories for analysis & process benchmarking.

    We work from Lab scale to Large scale to get the reports documented & to use it during the entire product life cycle chain.


    Search the already developed material specification for your specific application requirements

    Our Material specification search tool helps to find the already developed material from the global database partnered with us.

    Thus why to waste time and money in an already developed material if there's an option for a mutually benefical business deal.

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